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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you fascinated with the wonders of bath bombs but want to learn more about them? We’ve put together common questions to spell all the deeds you need to know and why these fizzy little balls should become your bath essential.

Fizzy bubbles, decadent scents, and oh so softening – isn’t this what heaven feels like?

Bask in the dream-like feeling with the fizzy balls you can toss in your tub alongside other great benefits. These single-use bath bombs are scented bath creations that generate a fizzing effect everyone’s been raving about. This is typically because of its main ingredients, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, and their reaction as soon as immersed in water.

They are designed to get you clean and create a unique bathing experience. Though not all bath bombs are created equal, most of them are skin-friendly which prevents tropical irritation. It is blended with fragrant essential oils with smoothening properties for a supple and youthful skin.

Fructify your bathing experience with bath bombs because what’s not to love?

Bath bombs first emerged in 1989 and have been captivating tons of people ever since. It’s invigorating aroma and exploding fizzies will surely take you to utopia as if your worries are eventually non-existent (we dare you to try).

Product inventor Mo Constantine will have to take all the credit for this luxurious indulgence. It was originally meant to be a bath alternative for sensitive skin but now it’s meant for more than just that. Now, bath bombs are available in myriad of aromas, colors, and even shapes.

  • Our Bath bombs are made of natural and organic ingredients that are free from chemicals and preservatives. It helps your skin and the environment.
  • Our Bath bombs offer skin-friendly emollient properties that will cleanse, moisturize, and indulge your skin, leaving you hydrated all night or all day.
  • Soaking in a tub of beneficial oils will aid in alleviating your aches and help promote relaxation. Take a pause and improve your mood with its aromatherapy and healing benefits.
  • A plethora of bath bombs help step up your game in the bathroom. Who doesn’t want a glamorous and fun detox in the bath time anyway?

So, are you ready to experience euphoria? You’re probably as convinced as we are and with that, we can assure you that using these little fizzies is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

First, fill your tub with lukewarm water and unwrap your bath bomb. Second, drop the ball in the tub, and see how quickly it will effervesce into the water. Third, submerge your entire body into the tub and let it work its magic. (The fourth step is making sure you took a photo-op)

Depending on which of our bath bomb you use, make sure to clean the tub after your bath to prevent buildup or color stain. Flower petals can be washed down the drain or you may simply wipe any excess with a thin cloth.

Now, your bath time won’t feel like a mere obligation anymore! Whether or not you know how to use a bath bomb, you'll find a perfect product for yourself in our collection. We offer variety of scents and colors of bath bombs, so make sure to pick an option suited to your liking to maximize the bathing experience and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Bath bombs are like a starter to a main course. The secret to a wonderful bath experience is to use the entire bath bomb while it’s still fresh. You can try cutting it into half, but it will most likely crumble or it won’t simply be as fizzy as you first started using it. Its delicious aroma will also evaporate and may not smell like the first time.

Taking the bath bomb out of the water for later use is also unadvisable. It may still fizz the next time you use it, but we don’t want any unwelcomed bacteria, do we?

Definitely. Bath bombs are made for both fun and relaxation - we can tell you that this is the last thing to worry about. To help you, we listed some of the creative ways to utilize bath bombs even without a bathtub:

  • Use it as a foot soak. Your whole body may not feel euphoric, but your feet will surely do (It can also remove the odors you’ve been trying to get rid of)
  • Use it as a deodorizer whenever and wherever. Put it inside an organza bag or sachet, a drawer, a spray bottle, or even a stinky shoe. We trust your creativity on this.
  • Use it as a gift to a special someone. Just make sure that they’re not sensitive to scent.
  • Use it as a display or for a quick photo op. Bath bombs are practically begging to be Instagrammed so, why not spark an aesthetic item to your homes (and your feed). Don’t forget to tag us on our socials and we’d love to feature your best photo!

Bath bombs are meant to enhance your bath time experience. Whether you’re using it for unwinding, a joyful bath encounter, or an aromatherapy session, bath bombs are surely safe to use as your next everyday essential.

We have a bath bomb set specifically for kids ages 3 and up. It is recommended that a guardian looks after the child when bathing due to presence of small toys inside our Kids bath bomb sets.

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