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Customer Reviews

Paula, Tampa, FL

What a great product. Not only for your personal use, but it could be a fantastic idea for a gift for literally any occasion. I'm usually very skeptical about products used on the skin, but this one exceeded my expectations. It changes the feeling and appearance of the skin, leaving a delicate, sensual scent for hours. Thank you for taking extra steps and effort to offer a top-notch product

Bart. Sacramento, CA

Great product. Kids loved it.

It makes the baths much more fun and enjoyable

Ann, Chicago, IL

I love these kids' bath bombs. The packaging is beautiful, the smell of all the bath bombs is fantastic and not overpowering, and the colors are beautiful. But, what my kids loved the most were the surprise toys inside. They are soo cute; the kids asked if they could use all nine simultaneously To see all the cute surprises. I am very picky about what my kids use on their skin, and this product exceeded my expectations above and beyond—definitely mom and kid-approved.

Monica, Indianapolis, IN

"Got two of these in the children/toy version as gifts for friend's kids, and both were thrilled, and their children really enjoyed them! Message from one of the friends: The bath bomb had beautiful colors, a gentle scent, with seriously foamy bubbles and an adorable tiny turtle :turtle: inside." 

Kristina, Chicago, IL

"Bath Bomb For Kids (with surprise toy inside :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:). Cute idea gift for Kids or just celebrate them because. .
Floral Bath Bombs. Both are safe, made from organic ingredients. smells great, refreshing. skin feels calming. soothing. This Bath Bombs dissolve into water easy. Highly recommended."

Les, Whistler, Canada

"We bought the bath bombs as a gift to our friends who's four year old son doesn't like bathing. After using the bombs just couple of times they called to thank us for the gift. They said that their son likes bathing again and particularly loves the toys inside. They also commented on the nice foamy bath and great smell coming out of the tub. Based on our friend comments we ordered the adult version of this product for ourselves."

Jamie, Denver, CO

"Bath Bombs. This company got great idea especially in this stressful life to help people calm down. They have Floral Bombs for adults and other For kKds with suprasingly inside of each toy. Hands down; they made it only with organic ingredients, dissolving into water easy. After Bath Bomb you feel much calming, refreshing and relaxing. Highly recommended." 

Agnes, Seattle, WA

" These bath bombs are amazing! I’ve been searching for a great bath bomb and this is definitely the one and I love all the handmade and organic ingredients! The package is super cute and they are really nice in the bath. Very relaxing and they smell good too. These would be good for gifts for someone special or even for yourself. Highly recommended!"

Jacob, Oak Park, IL

" I purchased this product for my fiancé as she loves using bath bombs to relax and unwind. She absolutely raved about them! Starting to the attractive packaging and presentation. She loved enjoyed the scents and the variety of flowers included in the set. This is definitely a hi-end product that we’ll buy again. Such an awesome gift idea!" 

Jubelle, Frisco, CO

" We decided to give it a try after positive feedback from our friends who used kids bassoon of bath bombs.
Wow, what a great product! The aroma from the natural herbs and flowers is super relaxing. The bomb produces a perfect amount of foam and here is the best part, the natural flower petals are floating in the water! I felt like I was taking a bath in Ancient Rome. My husband hasn’t tried it yet, but he is really a shower type of guy."


" They smell so good, can't wait to try them. Perfectly matched the description" 


" They last a good amount of time and the bath water is a bright color when the bomb is done. My kiddos love them." 

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